Monday, February 18, 2008


Everybody is supposed to have one else you are deemed stupid. Every sould needs one else you are declared soul-less or useless. Its supposed to be our driving force. Its supposed to give us the stimulus to move forward in life. This one thigs is said to posess so much power so as to heal terrrible illness and overcome many barriers. Ironically, not many have it. Strangely everyone agrees about its importance yet not many are ready to make their own goals. why? that is an unanswerable question. The answer to this one question should prevent a million other questions...


An inexistent reality. A true myth - call it whatever you want but this is it. This one word will summarise a thousand feelings, a million emotions and a billion words.
'A dream'.
It was the dream of two young brothers that saw the arrival of the aerospace industry. The wings they lent to their dreams today provide us with the luxury of a lifeless bird. It was the dream of a young paper boy from a remote coastal village that bought our nation a place in the space. every established wonder in the world today whether tangible or intangible were once the inhabitants of some individual's dream. Such is the power of dream that it can almost achieve the impossible.
No wonder they say 'impossible is nothing' .... :) :) :)

Final Destination

Every word has to end with a letter.Question is what will be the final letterEvery life has to end at some stage. Question is what would be the final stage like. In this case, one may also ask about the stage afterwards. Not much is known about death. Not many have bothered to ask qustions in this regard. Its sort of like a no man's land. To an extent, we may accept the accepted norm - "To go by our spiritual teachings " but then we enter upon a region where we find no answer. Just then we feel we shouldnt be worrying about it so much for it would only be an exercise in futlity. Well!! thnk again... after all its something about us.