Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Strange is the way of the world. All our acquaintances were once strangers. But in a short course of time we develop bonds – of friendship, of relationship, of love and beyond. Nobody sees it coming, but we eventually get so linked with a stranger that it becomes amusing to even think that the same person was once a stranger.
I have always wondered in awe and amazement at the ways we get linked to each other. How the games of life make our lives intertwined in such fanciful fashions. Until yesterday we would have walked past each other without the slightest tint of acknowledgement, but then, in a few numbered days, we go on to develop such impenetrable bonds of love and respect.
In every phase of life, we come across strangers. From school to college, we've always added on to our bandwagon of 'friends'. With some we go on to stay in touch for the rest of our life. They suddenly become so close to our heart that our every thought finds an echo in theirs. Though clich├ęd, it is so true that the best of moments spent are in silence. When without speaking a word, the mere sight of a person brings in such overbearing joy in us. And when words start flowing, it will keep flowing tirelessly and endlessly.
One of the true blessings of life is to find a true friend who can understand you and in whom you can find peace and solace. In every walk of life, at every stage, in all moment, we would need good company. I for one have been truly blessed in this regard. Whether in school, or college, in hostel or at work, I have had the privilege of having some remarkable people by my side. In whom I can trust to regain my pride, should I lose it, to life me up, when I fall, to help me out, whenever I've needed, without me even asking.
I can't thank God enough for sowing my life with such splendid souls… Like I've always said, I couldn't have asked Him for anything more…