Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Fine Day

One fine day, life began to change
In a comical way it all started.
I did not see it coming, nor did I hear it calling.
It all appeared hazy in the start.
Unaware of what lay ahead, I followed my heart.
Every time I paused, I tried to make sense of it.
But something told me, I shouldn't do it.
Driven by curiosity, I kept on moving
At times, it tickled me and other times, it soothed me
I tried to grip it, but without any luck
Then I let it pass, letting fate unfold it for me.


Minutes and hours suddenly made no sense
For she made it all seem timeless and eternal.
The tick of clock only sounded in her absence
Every breath of mine suddenly made sense
I willed for my heart to beat for a cause
The passion in me found a new origin
Singing and dancing, I swayed on my own
She made it all possible – the angel who touched my life


They said it would hurt, I said I'll bear
They said it would pain, I said I'll endure
I had no hopes, but I did have her
Only that mattered, nothing else did
Perhaps I was blinded, but not in my sight
Rather in my heart, with her angelic love
With her innocent charm and radiant lure
The more I realized the fantasies I was breeding
Farther I drifted from the shores of my dreams.
I waited for long, to reach the seas
To feel the waves, and rise with it
And break the barriers of custom and convention


Then reality set in, and clouded my life.
Hopes crashed and depression set in
Moments of truth, dawned upon me
The certainty I denied, descended on me
Like a bullet it cut through
Piercing my heart and bleeding my soul
Withering my garden, filled with lilies
And roses and jasmine, which she planted with joy
I watched in dismay, at the cruel uprooting
Not what I wanted, but alas what had to happen


I yearned for life to explain my misery
For abandoning me and deserting me
Was I not kind? Or was I so blind?
I cannot say, for I am a man who just lost
Uncorrupt love and unbound care
The more I craved, the more I realized
The beauty of life was still not lost
The blessings I had was more than I lost
My thirst and my hunger, adding to my vigor
I found in life, the beauty I missed


At times so cruel, making one cry
And wander and roam in helplessness
But then in a jiffy, it all settles down
The feeling of hope, the joy of a new dawn
Life indeed is a wonderful teacher!
Letting us fall and picking us up
Making us strong and stand the rough weather
Giving us reason to stand up and celebrate
All along in our path to glory!