Saturday, September 5, 2009

Analysis of an argument – Hope in Life

‘Hope’- is it needed in a pre-destined world? Where their constant busting makes us realize the pain of humiliation felt due to helplessness. I could have lived happily sans ‘hope’!!!

The above was said by a dear friend of mine. I am going to use this as a practice for my GMAT exam :) . The A.W.A (Analytical Writing Assessment) has a part called – Analysis of an argument. Not that I’ve been preparing that hard, but just that I am in a mood to write on this.

So here it goes...

The argument is made with the assumption that life is indeed decided beforehand. That nothing within our reach will help us change our fortune or tread a path of our choice. This is akin to visualizing life in a state of pure helplessness where in we are left with no option but to live our course as has been prescribed by forces beyond. It then goes on to assert that in such a situation, when we make plans or have hopes which are not in line with our destiny, we end up inflicting on ourselves, utmost agony and pain.

Firstly, the argument denies the power of hope. In one stroke, it demolishes zillions of dreams and aspirations. For is it not hope that help realize these dreams and aspirations. Every inventions, every attained achievement was based on the hope to see a change. Every war and every disaster was only seen through with the hope of possibility. It is only hope that makes us march for a better tomorrow.

Now in the process, we could always fail. Things need not always work out as planned. But that should not deter us from marching forward in life. Whenever we face failures, whenever we are struck with calamities, it is obviously against our wishes; but that is no reason for us to cover ourselves in constant ignominy. We are not the masters of the world, but we surely are the masters of our mind. It is during such times, that we should display our strength of courage. The assumption that we hold no control over ourselves is a cruel blow on the strength of character shown by leaders of yore and present. They have, through their lives shown us how to stay calm and face adversities. It was only their failures that lifted them up. And it was their hope that helped them stay afloat. They are all testimony to the fact that we can, by determination and hard work, decide our life and the path it should traverse.

Lastly, to say that happiness can be achieved by shedding hope is a refusal to accept reality. That life is always not a bed of roses is known to all of us. Happiness and sadness are a state of mind left for us to decide, not a decision that should be forced upon us. Tough times do come, but they will definitely pass like waves over the sea.

To my readers - As always, I eagerly look forward to your comments. :)