Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reflections on Love

I love you – I blurted out.

My mind blanked out after that. I watched her face, the stillness in expression. Joy or confusion, I couldn’t tell. My mind began to wander elsewhere. I tried hard to focus on her, to help her see the image she was looking for, and to aid her repeat the words I had just said.

I could feel her hair. Her breath so close to my ears, arms tightening around my neck. She was uttering something. I was not sure if I wanted to listen. I was struck by a wave of emotions. Winds were blowing in all directions, taking my mind along.

She was smiling. Nay, she was joy personified. I wanted to cry.

At least she’s happy, I comforted myself. The moment – that is what is important. Live it. Don’t lose it. Joys of life are not meant to accumulate. They should be seized every moment.

Nothing… nothing seemed to work. The moment I uttered it, the moment I saw her eyes, I knew it. I shouldn’t have said it.

I tried hard to gain composure, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t escape the fact that I didn’t. I didn’t really mean what I had said. It was only to be nice to her; to please her for the moment that I said; I loved to see people happy and I knew she desperately wanted to hear this from my mouth.

Fired bullets and spoken words are the ones you should fear the most. Apart from the fact that they can’t be taken back, they could end up taking a life.

P.S: purely fictional... :)