Saturday, September 22, 2007

In the midst of God's own country

In the middle of a forest, looking towards a lovely mix of tea and orange plantation it indeed was a pleasure anyone would envy. The place was such that we didn’t even need a fan. Now such natural beauty coupled with the company of good old peers, what else could be the result other than the best of one’s days.
All praise be to the creator who created such magnificent beauty and may He bestow his choicest blessings upon the facilitator who enabled us to spend some quality time during the peek of our life.
It was only a day, but it did feel more than that. The fragrance of the place would always remain in our nostrils and as they say we remember our past through the smells we acquire. Don’t know how far it holds good, but as for this place I am sure none of us would forget the beautiful scent we felt when we walked past the resort. Then the mountain water, its taste so great that we forced ourselves into gulping it down to quench our inexistent thirst. The ambience was such that we could just keep staring into empty space and do nothing for hours together, yet it would give us such immense pleasure that we could return back extremely satisfied. Oh, the food would need a special mention. It was a perfect mix of nutrition and taste giving such unknown joy to our taste buds that almost made us forget the number of trips we made to the serving table. Finally the bon fire, not as filmy as it would seem. But then in the middle of a place like that with the mercury on the lower side, it did add to the beauty and splendor of the occasion. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that it did keep us warm as well. At the end of it all was the real fun – hunting spiders in the dark. The pitch black night was another delight. The city with its numerous lights has almost denied us of this one luxury. Of a peaceful night bereft of any noise and light. Well, now we know that we do have some places which can grant us such luxury as well.
The innumerable clicks with our camera may remind us of the trip but then to actually experience it, we need to be right there again. For anything else would be a compromise.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Live the Present

Tomorrow holds the unknown future
of which you know all but nothing
Yesterday passed perhaps in a rupture
about which you are able to do only nothing.

Days bygone and days ahead
what benefit can they do to your head
Apart from bringing it trouble and pain
to make you waste your time in vain

The present it is which holds your future
so live it the way it has to be lived
Setting aside your worries to rupture
rejoice and celebrate a life to be lived

Life indeed is a precious gift
waste this not in frivolous drift
For its given to us by the one most blessed,the Omnipresent
Lo!how fortunate is he who lives the present

A tribute to my beloved mother

Nights of pain and hours of anguish,
All sacrificed for a soul to nourish.

No words can explain neither can thought,
For only mother can be that sort.

Suffering in silence for a mighty cause,
So u soothe your heart to peace.

Waiting in patience in search of the dawn,
Whose day will witness your child to be born.

When the day does arrive after all your struggle,
your joy transcends into infinite bubble.

Oh mother of mine, how thankless have I been,
In return for your deeds all unseen.

Nights and days you spent in my weaning,
alas your pain was never too easing.

Weather did change and so did the climate,
Thy mercy thou heart covered me as blanket.

Unknown, unexistent to the world outside,
I lived a great while in your soft inside.

Eating your food, drinking your drink,
Waking your sleep and making you wink

Oh mother of mine, how thankless have I been,
In return for your deeds all unseen.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

old age

everyone who sees them think they wont be like them

everyone who hears them think they talk no sense

everyone who feels them get disgusted

nobody wants them around
not their children
not their country

they turn as a burden

for every one around

old age....its not a disease...but something so obvious that none can escape from it save the lucky ones who depart early. yet we fail to recognise the reality. when finally it dawns on us, we try to be indifferent to it. ignoring it as much as we can.

take any house and you'll find them there. shelved in a corner. left to be rotten

and to think of it...they gave birth to us..milked us and fed us...

what a shabby end...all throughout their life, they had hopes on us and all they get in return is hopelessness in its worst form...

what a cruel world!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

police station

of buildings and papers
inked with dust and disgust
dumped on all sides
for posterity to witness

the ambience so poor
that no soul would be pure
the air so damp
that no clothe can dry

a place for the people
built by the people
with dreams and hopes
did they make the structure

little did they know
of what lied ahead
a place they would dread
a place they would fear

thats how it turned out
thats how it worked out
for at the end
no mortal can be pure

justice for all
proclaimed the label
a blot in the eye
for there was nothing but evil

no prize for guessing
the place which i mean
the place no other
than an indian police station