Friday, August 12, 2016


For long I yearn to write
To ink the thoughts in my mind
In the cluttered
mesh, I find no space
Which makes
 any sense
Words fail me
My mind numbs me
What am I saying?
I ask myself
But find no answer
I am staring at the endless tunnel
Searching for the promised light
Where should I begin?
What shall I look for?
I am in pain
Nay, pain is too light a word
I am like the candle wax that is about to die
What is to come is imminent
Yet I wish to change the course
To light a few more days
To brighten the world around me
So what if I am losing my own light
At least my radiance will bring
 some purpose

For the lost traveller
For the aspiring student
I shall stay lit for the unknown to accomplish the unfinished
That shall give me more peace
More strength, more power