Sunday, October 10, 2010

Abstract Talk

For long I thought on what I should write and finally I concluded with ‘abstract talk’!
It’s been really long since I last blogged. Not that my mind was blank; been having quite a few things in my mind for the past few weeks but never really got anything penned down, or rather typed down... So here’s a hit at all the randomness in my mind!

With all the hype that went by, it was impossible to not think of this. A place, a phenomenon, a nation’s predicament- Call it whatever you want. For over 60 years(actually few hundred or shall I say few laks) we went all around it; Of course ‘we’ would mean mostly the political leaders. Like a guy I met from Varanasi said, “the local people are very practical. They live with love and just that! It hardly matters what structure rises in what part of the town”. I am sure this is exactly the sentiments most of the people share but for the larger than life image that this issue has been depicted in our media. That the judgement did not provoke further uproar is a matter of great relief to all of us. The justices at least for now seems to have done what they were expected to. Of course it would be naive to expect true justice out of mortals. More so what authority do they possess to deliver upon immortals! So yeah.. so far so good on that. Lets hope better sense will prevail in the long run.

Common Wealth Games:
Finally the games are on. Suresh Kalmadi might have had a whimper of relief at least on the opening day. The multi crore balloon did fly and indeed high! Never mind that it came after a few thousand crores whisked away in day light. Hygiene standards, commotion and pollution - Delhi has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Now with India making a mark with the medals tally, lets hope the sporting extravaganza ends with the right spirit.

I.T Outsourcing:
The Indian I.T juggernaut finally had to face the nosy big daddy. And this time around it did not let Uncle Sam snub her. Makes me laugh at times - the entire outsourcing debate makes one wonder if it was some generous act of humane magnanimity that brought about the concept of outsourcing. In one of the T.V shows, the ohio state Govt representative had this to say -
“If there are people here who can do the same job as someone who is in Bangalore, then it makes perfect sense to employ him to do the job”
But like my Manager says -
“if we take all the tier I and II Indian I.T companies together, then that’s servicing almost all of America. Now the problem is with their current population they can’t make up for all these jobs. And moreover, not all of them will be willing to do these kind of jobs.”
So all these talks of protectionism and end of outsourcing are really unfounded. But of course I believe a new model has to emerge. We’ve maturing as an Industry and if all the big wigs have to continue growing, it is imperative to find newer growth models. Merely servicing the I.T needs will not generate much. Moreover for an industry that considers knowledge as its primary asset, innovation will be the key.

So much for the randomness...