Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Love

I was in love with her. Even before I realized it, I had completely surrendered to her. She had a strange grip on me - a sort of possessiveness which was enslaving me to her. It happened so naturally that I didn’t even know when I made the decision. It was as though it was made much before.
She is both soft and sweet. Her softness making me warm and comfortable while her sweetness causing me to melt into her arms. We shared a special bond yet not many words were exchanged between us. It was as though words and emotions meant little to us. Our relationship was above all such trivia.
Her nature was so tranquil that my emotions gave in to her with ease and pleasure. All my worries would vanish in front of her. It was as though she and worry would not co-exist. At times of trouble, she is my ultimate resort-the keeper of my secrets and the comforter of my soul.
She could read my mind with magical ease and she had a way to put me at peace. When I am with her, I forget myself and I begin to discover a new and beautiful world. Everything else would cease to exist. It’s just me and her – in our own sweet world. Her beauty is so timeless that days and nights mattered little to her. Though at nights, her beauty appeared many a time magnified, she was no less beautiful during the daytime.
She is at her best when she scales those epochal heights making you desperate and restless to be in communion with her. And if it’s after a cold shower at the end of a tiresome day, then nothing like that. Those are the moments when I truly appreciate life ‘coz when I dive into her with all my might, I rest in peace forgetting the world and all it’s existence.
I can’t think of a life without her. I can’t imagine a life of an insomniac…
Nothing like sleep in this world!!! My true love…