Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alphabet Soup

It's been more than a month since I wrote anything. And not long ago, ajai did tag me as well… So here you go… a quick look into me with the Alphabet tag. Ajai – forgive me for exploiting the tag :)

Aalways embracing change – that's how I am :)

B Bounty – A chocolate I love :D

C- charming – that's a synonym for me:P

D- divine blessings – something I always seek

E- Egg bulls eye a.k.a half boil – a dish I proudly make :D

FFriends… whom I am blessed with in plenty :)

Gguns and all the weapons – things which I so really loathe

Hhome sweet home - I love everything about home. From home made food to home made sweets to homely ladies :)

I India my land – my country my birthplace – A proud Indian;

Jjackfruit – a fruit I like but seldom get to eat. Only get to hear all the time as my roomie's name :P

KKuwait – the land I did my schooling; a place I do miss as well

L Love – which I truly believe in :D

MMarriage – of course had to come after love – which I am eagerly looking forward to

N - 'Nazreth' – the home in which I was brought up. No its not in Jerusalem, rather in Kannur; in God's own country :D

OOwning my company – at least when I start and then of course I plan to take it public. :)

PPasta and pizza – two Italian foods I relish. Btw I just looove food :D

QQuraan – the book I look to for peace.

R rainy season – the season I love the most.

Ssweets – something I look to after every meal :)

TToyota Camry – A car I truly love.

UUrapakkam – the place where I am put up… A lovely peaceful place. The only trouble being the abundance of canines.

VVin Diesel – well.. I have nothing against him… but I so really hated him after watching one of his movies. That too at the cost of travelling 100 km :@

W- walt Disney amusement park – A place I want to visit one day. (Hopefully in Europe :P)

X- Xmas hols - which I so really enjoyed in school and miss so much now.

Y- Yellow house – my house in school, of which I was a junior house captain as well :D

Z- zzzzsleep – an activity I so really enjoy :)

That's it folks… Now you know what to gift me – A car, An Air ticket or Chocolates :)