Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally connected

Finally, I have a net connection at home... Phew!!!
A mission accomplished considering all the ordeal I had to go through to get one... I know none of you'll believe that I had to actually wait so long to get a basic internet connection.... Sadly that's how it's been... I already had a post on one episode.... I don't want to have any more of it now... Hopefully, this one will stay. It's looking good as of now and hopefully will remain as such..
Now, I can do all that I've really wanted to all these days....
To start with, I do hope I can blog more regularly and catch up on all those blogs I've missed all these days...
And Noor, if you are reading this, I would need your help soon... Expect a mail from me :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Passion of life

Speak to me, be not mute
Enliven me, desert me not!
Blow toward me, as you ought
Stay with me, like you’re wont

You it is, I crave for. You who are, I live for.
A life without you, I cannot think
Oh! This soul cannot be without you
You are its life, flesh and all else

Your touch, brings in shine
Lighting, all of mine!
Thy sound with its myriad tunes
Makes me cross varied dunes

Bleating and whining I cry out aloud
All of me is hurt and wound,
So abrupt and sudden, you vanish midway
Leaving me dull in a state so bad;

Care for me; I shall harm you not
Reside with me, I’ll keep you sound
The wrong I did, I realize now
No more of it, I take my vow

You are my meaning, to keep me alive
My reason, my rationale, my joy and my drive
Like you, none can be
For all sense fails in your absence

Oh lord! Blessed and bountiful
Leave me not hollow, let me not to wander
Cease me as such; let me not live so much
But deny me not my passion.

That is all I have, to boast and post
To folks and paper, as most
As possibility helps; let me too live
In hope and fruition

The purpose of life, I shall let known through it
The glory of you, I shall let known through it
To air and soil, I shall speak with delight

Of having gained it, post a winning fight