Sunday, October 18, 2009

Death – the only true reality.

Can we join a torn leaf? Can we ever breathe lost life into the trees? Or can we stop it from happening? None of it; leaves will fall and grow again. They fall and they grow and they go about this in perfect peace. There is no grief in their shedding, nor is there merriment when they are back on. That’s how things are with voiceless creations.
Alas, we humans are full of emotions. Every now and then we have to acknowledge certain realities – shall I call it the set laws of nature. All of us know it, yet it is so difficult to accept it. It’s only when circumstances are forced upon us, that we even realize the need to accept it; needless to say, it arrives unannounced most of the time. Not all of us are blessed with a peaceful passage. And sudden departures are what hurt the most.
It’s when our loved and dear ones depart that the world around us changes. We sway from one end to another, asking questions to our own selves, sometimes questioning every aspect of the belief we hold in life. Searching for unavailable answers, we go into rage or indifference, depending on our moods. The meaning we gave to our life suddenly changes. The reason with which we survived thus far vanishes in an instant.
The sudden blankness only adds to our confusion. The abrupt darkness leaves a void within us. To leave someone whom we so dearly adored is not only painful, but crucifying. It is not physical pain, rather a mental torture. To finally come in terms with reality involves herculean effort. It is almost like breathing second life into our own selves. Bereft of the inseparable love, affected with sudden slavery, we have to implore every bit of strength within us to stand firm again.
Time they say erases all pain, but etched memories can never be touched upon. The days of past can never be relived. The joys experienced can never be felt again. The sound and smell though, may bring with it those memories, teasing us for while. For a while we may float in the days of yore, but not for long. After all, even our loved ones would not want us to do that. They would only have wanted us to grow in strength.
Here is where true strength and courage comes in. To stay tall and face the wind in the face; fight through the walls of grief and emerge as a stronger person; to grow to heights so as to give light to others; to be a reason of joy, of happiness and glee. I have been through smaller waves. It was difficult. But with the help of God, we can emerge stronger. I pray to God to give strength to all in pain, to help them come out stronger.
I salute the spirit of all those who come out truly stronger. Not many face early jolts in life, so sudden to even evaporate ever inch of our spirit. To come out of such jolts, definitely require enormous strength and valor. But I am sure we can stand through every adversity, for I believe everything happens with a purpose and never will He lay upon us a burden greater than what we can bear.

Peace to all!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

After a long break

It's been really long since i blogged. Needless to say, a lot thoughts are wandering around my head.
To blurt out everything here would definitely not be good. :)
So I am going to take time... and I am going to slowly let it on to you readers...
To start with ... Announcing my arrival back into blogosphere after a looong break :)