Sunday, June 1, 2008


i went for a marriage today. now, I understand that in many places, it means many different rituals. Today however, there were none, for a change.
i went inside the house. Met up with the bride's mother and politely took my seat in the veranda.
Before long, i was served with a drink. all this while i was consistently doing something - eyeing at my watch. And at one such sighting, the needles indicated that i was at the present venue for about 30 min.
Well, then i walked inside, met up with the bride's mother again and took leave.
as i walked past the house, i was laughing from inside.
Didn't you notice anythign strange. I dindn't meet up the bride. i didn't know the bride.
and i had gone for a marriage function.
God... times are surely changing...
And the best part is, the bride was supposed to be my cousin. I only knew my aunt and the fact that one of her daughter was getting married.
Speak of receding relationships...

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