Saturday, September 13, 2008

Manless Men

Imbeciles, toothless morons, cowards -that’s what they are. A bunch of brainless bozos roaming around in our land insulting our species and mocking at our very existence; they are the least bit morose about their stupendous deeds and so grossly unperturbed by their produced effects that you become increasingly doubtful of their true origin, for mankind in its true form, the way nature has set it, can never commit itself to such brashness.
Whom am I referring to?? To all those newly wedded grooms who silence their own voice (I don’t think they have any though) and give tacit approval to their parents to unfold their cheap acts on their daughter in laws; Dowry as such is a social evil and I don’t wish to delve on that now, rather my focus will only be on those species of masculine genders (which btw, I do not think they are) who go about nodding their head to be a part of the act. The response most often meted out is- I really don’t worry about all these... It’s only my parents. Let’s really leave these matters to our parents. Well, I can’t really oppose my parents. And what not!!!
Parents are the most deserving of our respect. It is their right to be enveloped in kindness and to be obeyed to. But then, each of us as individuals should know where to draw the line when it stretches too far. The basic insight to judge the right from the wrong (at the very basic level at least) is something we all poses inherently by virtue of us being human. The moment we lose hold of this fundamental trait, we might as well hang our heads and cease to exist.
Why all this drooling?? Well… we’ve known all the while of the saas-bahu funda. Indian women have forever been tortured and we have no dearth of serials to showcase this very absurdity. But, it’s only when it strikes you personally, that you feel the pain. And to actually have it coming from someone of my profession – an educated well bred lad calling himself an engineer and proudly working in an MNC- it disgusts me. It freaks me out to hear that someone in today’s world with the sense to wear designer dresses and keep in company the latest gizmos should in the least bit be involved in such egregious musings. How could you be a different person at the bedroom and a completely different one in the living room? How can one stoop to such low levels so as to not recognize another individual as worth his own self? How can one after tying the nuptial knot be so abrasively aloof to the realities the relationship beckons? How can someone simply refuse to acknowledge torture when it is unfolded in front of his own eyes?
This brings us to another question. Is money the mother of all evils? Is the monetary value so highly priced so as to wipe out every recognizable human trait out of an individual? And how much is really much? For if a man adorning himself with Armani and gazing through the lens of police and yet to be bent on realizing more wealth through his relationship, then there must indeed be a disease within him. Worse still if he is merely going to be dictated through the whole thing, like we have in some cases where we see the guy and he seems the most decent of all. His walk and talk giving you not the slightest hint of any such acerbity. You naturally get carried away. But then when he comes into contact with his masters, he turns into a brainless slave only able to follow the fingers shown towards him.
How could one exist in such state? What virility can that man boast of? What pride? What honor? Such despicable people nay, such abhorrent creatures!!! Oh God, why did you have to fill this land with such? At least why make them human??

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