Friday, October 24, 2008

A silent cry

Her eyes, craving for attention
And lips, dried and torn
Her throat longing to mention
Syllables of pain yet not known

Her skin bleeding to the sun
And bones deprived of flesh
Crying in unison
To those around in her mesh

I could hear her cry
Though feeble and silent
It made me still and wry
And search for my soul, which life had lent

I could feel her agony
Her despair and struggle
It made me coy
Of my own little joy

Clothed in opulence and seated in luxury
But for the glass which kept us apart
I was amidst that misery
With moist eyes buried in guilt

Seated helplessly, filled with mar
In the plush clean leather
And comfort of my car
All I was able was to shed a tear

The girl beside was none to me
One amongst the millions
She would eventually be
Forgotten in the billions

But I and you can, should we care to
Stop such cries, though not entirely
At least in bits as will can take as through
Erase those voices in plenty and plenty


-=A.R.N.=- said...

We all forget so easily don't we?

issam said...

Yeah bro... forget is all what we do :(