Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Will not the world ever set me free?
Like the bird flying with wings outstretched!
As the river flowing with effortless ease!
Like the wind blowing with absolute calm!
As the rain falling with gracious charm!

Will not the world ever let me live?
The life I want and the life I cherish!
The dreams I dream and the dreams I love!
The joys I treasure and the joys which doth not perish!
The desires I breed and the desires in cove!

Why can’t I live my life as I will?
Like every free born soul in space!
As every child born afresh and anew!
Like the masters not trapped in any maze!
As the warriors living in their untouched milieu!

Why can’t I find my own path?
Like the pilgrim with no doubt!
As the sailor sailing without any help!
Like the leader following his gut!
As the lover unaware of upcoming mishap!

Why not I live for myself?
Not following the endless words!
Of advice and guidance, from mindless minds!
Rather seeking the pleasure of the one that matters,
Bringing in peace and joy to last for endless worlds!


Anonymous said...

Why can't you live. You have to live dude! You can't get freedom by wanting it, you have to get it yourself.

Anyways, its a nice poem, keep it up!


Subuhi said...

Beautiful words.... more beautiful thought

Subuhi said...
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