Friday, April 3, 2009


Emblem of peace,

Spark of joy,

Layers of warmth,

Cushions of milieu;

Signature of poise,

Surrounded by balm,

Of infinite charm,

And abundant grace;

As a bottomless well,

Filled with merry;

Like herds and flocks,

Obeying their masters;

Serene yet powerful,

Fragile but bold;

Heralding to the crowd,

In jubilant mould;

Sands and grains,

All dance in flurry;

Glimpses and trails,

Unattended and tethered;

Feathery cry,

In mellowed tones;

Oh, what sight,

Heavenly might,

To please and tease,

Countless eyes;

And mindless souls,

Relishing the treat,

Ravishing the feast;

All made possible,

With divine ordainment;

I bow my head,

To you in humility;

For the creator of such,

Demands that much!!!


-=A.R.N.=- said...

really beautiful...especially when you realize the real meaning of it...

AJai said...

awesome piece bro!

issam said...

@Noor... it's only when we realize the meaning we begin to appreciate things :)

@Aj... Thanks man...