Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caught cupid

I still had to make sense of an obnoxious looking report on trading surveillance. Try as much as I could, my senses would not oblige. The fact that EOD (End of Day) was fast approaching didn’t help. With the clock fast ticking and my evening prayer pending, I just couldn’t concentrate.

I decide to take a tea break. Just as I exit from my wing another thought strikes me. It’s supposed to be the day to celebrate love. Indeed a funny concept. If you ask me, it’s purely a business driven agenda. Make an occasion out of everything and celebrate it. Of course gifts have to be bought. That’s the whole bloody point. Getting the flesh out of your wallet! That’s how I see every occasion as; merely a reason to get money rolling; helps the economic cause, but definitely not mine. Now I need to buy a gift as well. Thanks to the ubiquitous advertisements on radios and papers, television and internet, going home to your loved one empty handed on this day is considered blasphemous! All secularists will be united in this now. Sigh!

Coming back to the gift, I rush to the odyssey store in my campus - my only rescue point. I realize there that I am not alone. I see the full might of my campus there; hardly any space to move. All are busy shopping for their loved one. Hard pressed for time and at the mercy of love, I struggle to find something worthy of my wallet.

Finally I settle for a photo frame. Not the best of gifts, but with our photo in it, the appeal will definitely be there; or so I think. I hurry with it to get done with the updates for the day. Quick mails sent and I sprint to the bus bay. In the train I think of the pic. Before long, I meet my senior. All the time in the train, which I thought to make better use of is lost in conversation.

On reaching my station, I make a dash for the auto, praying with all my might for the studio to stay open. The auto moves for about a minute before it’s stuck in unending traffic; the perils of development. I decide to make better use of my legs and start walking towards the studio. Just then I get a call from her saying she's out and has left the key with our neighbour.
"How about dinner honey" I ask with all sincerity.
"I have cooked and kept. You can warm and have", comes the stern reply.
"How about a drive after dinner?"
"Why are you overdoing it? It’s just one silly day"
As much as I was glad to hear that, I also recognized the tone of sarcasm.
"Well, at least something I am getting for her" – so I console myself.
To my luck, the studio is open. I quickly transfer the photo and ask him to put it into the frame. After what seemed like eternity, I got the stuff.
"Neat" - I again comfort myself.
Not a diamond or ruby, but a photo for my baby. I thought of writing that line which struck me then, but decided not to for my better.

I am almost near the apartment when I get a call from an unknown number. Turns out to be my college mate; and the first thing he has to ask
"What plans for valentine’s day"
The hell! Is there nothing else to talk about or what!!
“You are no more alone my friend. You have a companion now. You should do something for her.” Guy goes on and on and on like an energizer battery.
I slowly walk my way upstairs, phone in hand and thinking what best I can do before she gets home. I walk straight in and as I go past the hall, I notice red flowers adorning the dining table. I go closer to inhale the fragrance. Now I am genuinely feeling feel bad. This guy on the line is only making it worse. Not just about the day, but perhaps I could have simply considered this an occasion to express myself to her. I begin to chastise myself now.

Darkness greets me as I enter my room. To my surprise, I see a flame at a corner. Not one, but two. An aromatic mix of flowers sweeps through me. Suddenly the room looks eclectic. On all three corners I see candles. And on the study table, I see a small heart. By now I have cut the phone and am trying to figure out what’s on the table. Two glasses of drink and a cake which says ' you are the best' surrounded by candles. I drop my office bag. Before I can digest the enormity of it all, a romantic Hindi song begins to play in the background. I turn and I am stuck by one of the best scenes my eye has ever seen. Clad in a lovely red sari, my companion is staring at me.

Ebullience and excitement engulf me! I am spell bound. Floored and swept away.
For the next few moments, I immerse myself in joy, of infinite love and absolute peace! Not simply has God said – “we have created them (your spouse) as clothes for you” (Not the exact translation)
Only reaffirms my belief, that marriage makes life complete.

I think we should all try and make our life complete at the earliest :)


V Rakesh said...

Phew! This makes me wanna get married right away! :-)

Must say - absolutely well written! Quite a tribute, really!

Issam said...

@rakesh - high time u tied the knot bro. And I was really looking forward to seeing you...:(
Lets catch up over the weekend..

Vinothraj J said...

And all you could get her was a photo-frame?!?! :|


FANTASTIC! is the only word that can describe the piece.... Both: Articulation of emotions and Literary Quality - +vely Superlative!!

May you have many more such surprises ahead! :)

Manveet said...

DuDe!! I can just second Rakesh's comments..
amazing write up, and seems an amazing Valentine's!!!

cmuks said...


cmuks said...


Issam said...

@ vinoth - M so bad @ picking gifts!! :(
@ prapti - thank u so much
@ mana - m honoured. :)
@ mukss - cheeerss!!! :)

Mohammed said...

brother..Gr8 Job... keep going..May ALLAH bless...

aishrulez said...

lovely one, enjoyed it!

guys i tell ya :P

A New Beginning said...

nice :) Hope u have a great life ahead!!!

Neembu said...

I know these guys who have no other work but to call and keep pestering others asking what plans when you know of them that they are not going to get anyone for valentine.

I was playing each and every scene which u described.

AJai said...

Baby! How did I miss this???? Best one yet... super... makes me want to be your valentine next year... hope the Mrs won't mind. :P