Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An ode to womanhood

Crystal like eyes and heart as gold
you are the most precious item sold
Sadly, Neither the buyer nor the seller knows the value you hold

To the ocean of misery, you bring joy
Yet all happiness they attribute to boy

Kindness is what you define
Sweetness is in the way you shine
But all they do to you is whine

You become the cure
To their ugly lure
Yet they call themselves pure

You bear the pain
For them to gain
But at the end, they treat you with disdain

Silently you bear all their doing
only to listen to them cursing

Woe be to the world and to all of them
For You deserve far better.. Truly You are a gem

One of a kind,
Amongst the creations of the Most kind!

Mother, sister, wife and more
All the roles come to your shore


V Rakesh said...

A rich tribute to one of the most wonderful icons of creation!

Suresh said...

very good lines...

aishrulez said...

nice one Issam:)