Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Plot

Disclaimer: The plot is purely fictional.

Flush, Flair – great leaders of two lands plot to wage a war as their popularity is shrinking and their economies are in chaos. A war and defeating the villain, they believe will restore credibility to them. They want to rope in another nation far away from theirs for all the blood work. They scout for friends who will quietly agree. They chose Dumbistan as their leader is a military leader who is increasingly becoming insecure owing to civilian pressures and militant rebellions in his land. Their leader - Militraff agrees provided there is a cut for him. He wants the latest weaponry and latest fighter jets for free for his own security coz he doesn’t even trust his personal body guards.

As a prelude, it is decided to create an atmosphere of dissent and skepticism. Militraff suggests they use the tension in his geography to flare things up. He contacts Sindhia - Dumbistan’s neighbor. Sindhia is headed by a poet who is lost in his dream to create a magnum opus. Militraff just can’t understand the poetic language of Bijlee who is heading Sindhia. He tries explaining the plot to Bijlee, but Bijlee continues to talk poetry. Militraff concludes Bijlee is not ready to be a part of it.

Militraff then sparks the idea of using a former war hero. He thinks that guy has the right credentials. Flush and Flair agree. But he says we can’t tell him war as a reason. Anyhow, I’ll take care – he says.

Militraff contacts Bombama and tells him of a plan to create a country in Swargmir which he can head. Bombama is not pleased. What is with heading a country – he asks. Militraff tells him his name will be immortalized in history as a leader who founded a new country just like the Hews. He can be a role model and thousands of people will want to be like him. Bombama is pleased now.

All of them brainstorm over a weekend in the Balamas for the initiation of the plot. Finally flush and flair comes up with an idea over their mating session. They ask Militraff to instigate Sindhia. They agree to supply whatever he wants for this. Militraff likes the idea, but he agrees only after settling for half of what they provide to be used only for his personal protection.

Militraff then proceeds to occupy a part of Sindhia. Causes a few wounds and takes a few lives. The result is as expected. Bijlee is awakened from his slumber. He orders his troops to march to the border. He tells them to take all that they want with them. He writes a poem for all his soldiers and admonishes them to march into Dumbistan singing it.

They manage to capture the attention of all. All thinks of this as a major crisis. Sindhia says she’ll nuke Dumbistan. Militraff retorts by saying he’ll nuke them first. Tensions are peaked and just before it explodes Flush steps in and calms Bijlee down. Flair advises Bijlee to write another poem with which his soldiers can come back home. After much persuasion, Bijlee agree. The war is called off. But the tensions remain.

All decide that its time for Bombama to enter the plot – he begins by causing small scale explosions around the desert land. Desert land is dumb and completely under our protection – assures both Flair and Flush. Slowly slowly he manages to rise to popularity. Yes – you are almost there – assures Militraff to Bombama.

As he gets over the small pleasures, he realizes he’s a cannibal. His taste for the blood multiplies. He demands much more of the blood. Flush and Flair try to calm him down. When nothing works, they ask him to use airplanes to fly around and scout for victims. One fine day he loses control and dashes into two towers mistaking it to be piles of flesh. Nevertheless, he loves the result and relishes the dessert. The towers turned out to be sand dunes in the middle of the Sahara. Beside them were an oasis of few people.

Elsewhere in the world, two flights crash into the twin towers of Dreamica – Flush’s land. That causes much panic and causes wide spread havoc. Now the world is on a different level. The stage is set for a massive war. Flush announces the greatest war in the history of mankind to flush out whoever did the crime of pulling down the twin towers. Militraff advises Bombama to own up to the attack.

But I couldn’t do that. I was in Arabia then feasting on the oasis – claims Bombama

Never mind. This is your chance to eternal prominence – assures Militraff.

Bombama agree and sends out video messages claiming ownership of the attack. What happened next was beyond his wildest imagination. He shot to fame like no other person. He was an instant celebrity. He began to swim in adulation and praises. He got all that he craved for. Now he wanted more and more of it.

Flush and flair then asks Militraff to take care of Bombama while they attended to some pressing matters. They said its important for Bombama to stay underground now. In the meanwhile, they claim to have found Bombama to the world; they said he is developing nukes in shiraaq – the land of the shark – khaddam. Khaddam they claimed was Bombama’s partner in crime. So they set out to liberate the people of shiraaq from Khaddam. In the process they laid their hands on the vast reserves of juice which shiraaq possessed. Khaddam was completely taken by surprise. Before he knew he was captured. Celebrations erupted and Flush got reelected. Flush claimed to have eradicated Khaddam and along with it the hopes of Bombama to take on the nukes. Flush gave all of the contracts to rebuild Shiraaq to his second in guard – Cheenee and others of his land. He made sure business flourished in all respects.

Flair on the other hand had to step down. Things didn’t go so well with his people.

When time came for Flush to move out, he signed a pact with Bomma – from the opposition party. I'll give you a boon - when you are in trouble and your popularity is sinking, come to me and I'll advise you. Bomma agreed.

After taking over the mantle, Bomma found it extremely difficult to manage the resources. Things were slowly slipping out of his hand. When he could go nowhere else, he went to Flush to remind him of his promise. Flush told him Bombama is with Militraff. But by then, Militraff had escaped from Dumbistan to Flair’s land. But Militraff had placed Bombama safely in the military heartland of Dumbistan.

Bomma leaped into the act. He created drama, tension and climax – all after he killed Bombama.

And with that Bomma leapt to popularity and is assured of his second term.


V Rakesh said...

Can't help notice so many life like references! ;-)

Issam said...

@ Rakesh: I only said the plot is fictional.

AJai said...

what a good 'hard-working' boy in infy can do when he gets a bit of free time on his hands. ;-)

A geo-political satire... baby... u're getting smarter and smarter!

Issam said...

@Aj - its all your prayers baby.

Kannan said...

Nicely portrayed Issam...

Mufy said...

Yeah right, the plot seemed really 'fictional' - to someone who may not have been following the world affairs over the last 10 years or so :-).

Issam said...

@Kannan - thanks

@Mufy - :)