Monday, August 19, 2013

Lost and Stranded

He was unaware of her watchful eyes on him. She was behind him watching his every move. Not with any evil motives rather with a plea of desperation. Her eyes moist and throat parched. Her every nerve aching for him. She stood there stranded; letting only her sight reach him – to brush with his body and somehow magically make him turn back and come to her.

Futile thoughts – she knew it for the better. Yet she was helpless and not able to divert her mind. Her mind was stirring madly in the dungeon of thoughts – filled with him. And to think of it, hardly few months – that was all the time she had spent with him – or rather he had spent with her.

Acquaintances – it all began with that. Then it was conversations which began to flow effortlessly. From thereon it was an unspoken sense of understanding that prevailed between them. Silence too had a meaning when they were together. And when words were exchanged, it came out and danced with such eloquence and beauty that onlookers were left with envy and pity. Envy for the sheer magnetism the two displayed and pity for the folly they were getting into.

The lines were blurred when they crossed from being simply friends into something more. Or was it something more? Did she even know of what he was thinking? They never exchanged any vows or committed to any promises. Yet they both gave into each other’s desire with shameless ease. They explored what life had on offer and let time be non-existent in their presence.

This day would come – many did tell her that. Yet she let her life dance to unheard tunes and mute sounds. Till yesterday they were loud and clear – reverberating through her. But today they were dead. Everything ceased to exist and she was left with a longing gaze and nothing else.

What is in his mind? She will never know. She let him in knowing very well that he had to be out. So when the time came to bid farewell, there were no questions she could ask.

The bus took him away leaving her sight weary and tired – its purpose defeated once for all! 


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Sigh! It all begins with a few exchanging glances, and then there is this feeling that this is the person who is my destiny....

Thoughts become words, emotions become expressions and then moments of bliss, before long, "the dream is gone and the child is grown."

Memories remain, painful and dark, haunting the mind.... they will remain, while it gets used to know that they hang around.... eventually, the pain becomes manageable and life goes on!

But the memories remain!

issam siddique said...

Memories remain! and yes - "before long, dream is gone and child is grown" Beautifully put Rakesh :)