Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Lost World

The feathery touch of yours – I miss the most.

I would be lying though if that’s the only thing I missed. Your smile, your laugh, your hands – even when they are not on me, your bosom, your hair – as it flows out to eternity, your soul as it enters into me; I miss them all.

I wish there was something I could tell you that you didn’t know about you. You know them all – I know. You know how terribly I miss them too. Yet you choose to walk away - as carelessly as the blowing breeze who gives no thought while it downs the lovely leaves of the Neem.

You are the devil still the angel.

You are the one who kills me the most.

Often, I ask - what doth thou possess that makes me so possessed?

Until you came, till the first rays of light landed on you and reflected in my eye, I didn’t as much as think that a maiden would come with so much splendor that I would be swept from beneath my ground. Hell, I didn’t even realize a phrase as crazy as that would ever make sense! But of course, if the sight of your eye and the signals in your head are as clueless as the shining sun, then such things can happen I suppose.

You came, you conquered – haa; that sounds so war like. I know that’s far from how you would want to be described. But know this my lady – you did cause a devastation as bad as a worldly war could on a human body. Only this time, you cut a wound far too deep into my soul that I am forever sunk in the dungeons of my wounds.

To say I loved you would be moot. For my love was not even registered in you. The fact is you didn’t even think it fit to consider me. You let me float as the long-lost leaf from the barren tree – on its way to unknown territory, sailing along for a lost cause.

In spite of it all, I say this – you will remain with me. Etched in memory and painted in permanence. The shreds of my heart which you broke with such ease will always stay joined with the pain of your separation. That will give me the strength to live on with life and find in others what you failed to see in me.

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