Saturday, September 8, 2007

old age

everyone who sees them think they wont be like them

everyone who hears them think they talk no sense

everyone who feels them get disgusted

nobody wants them around
not their children
not their country

they turn as a burden

for every one around

old age....its not a disease...but something so obvious that none can escape from it save the lucky ones who depart early. yet we fail to recognise the reality. when finally it dawns on us, we try to be indifferent to it. ignoring it as much as we can.

take any house and you'll find them there. shelved in a corner. left to be rotten

and to think of it...they gave birth to us..milked us and fed us...

what a shabby end...all throughout their life, they had hopes on us and all they get in return is hopelessness in its worst form...

what a cruel world!!!

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