Saturday, September 22, 2007

In the midst of God's own country

In the middle of a forest, looking towards a lovely mix of tea and orange plantation it indeed was a pleasure anyone would envy. The place was such that we didn’t even need a fan. Now such natural beauty coupled with the company of good old peers, what else could be the result other than the best of one’s days.
All praise be to the creator who created such magnificent beauty and may He bestow his choicest blessings upon the facilitator who enabled us to spend some quality time during the peek of our life.
It was only a day, but it did feel more than that. The fragrance of the place would always remain in our nostrils and as they say we remember our past through the smells we acquire. Don’t know how far it holds good, but as for this place I am sure none of us would forget the beautiful scent we felt when we walked past the resort. Then the mountain water, its taste so great that we forced ourselves into gulping it down to quench our inexistent thirst. The ambience was such that we could just keep staring into empty space and do nothing for hours together, yet it would give us such immense pleasure that we could return back extremely satisfied. Oh, the food would need a special mention. It was a perfect mix of nutrition and taste giving such unknown joy to our taste buds that almost made us forget the number of trips we made to the serving table. Finally the bon fire, not as filmy as it would seem. But then in the middle of a place like that with the mercury on the lower side, it did add to the beauty and splendor of the occasion. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that it did keep us warm as well. At the end of it all was the real fun – hunting spiders in the dark. The pitch black night was another delight. The city with its numerous lights has almost denied us of this one luxury. Of a peaceful night bereft of any noise and light. Well, now we know that we do have some places which can grant us such luxury as well.
The innumerable clicks with our camera may remind us of the trip but then to actually experience it, we need to be right there again. For anything else would be a compromise.


Neembu said...

even iwnted to experience de same smell n wish i cud have lingered it alwayz as u ppl enoyin it...

Anonymous said...

a very nice write up, it reminded me of kerala and the description was too good... even my thirst is quenched!!!
keep up the good work; lookin fwd for more frm u