Friday, September 21, 2007

Live the Present

Tomorrow holds the unknown future
of which you know all but nothing
Yesterday passed perhaps in a rupture
about which you are able to do only nothing.

Days bygone and days ahead
what benefit can they do to your head
Apart from bringing it trouble and pain
to make you waste your time in vain

The present it is which holds your future
so live it the way it has to be lived
Setting aside your worries to rupture
rejoice and celebrate a life to be lived

Life indeed is a precious gift
waste this not in frivolous drift
For its given to us by the one most blessed,the Omnipresent
Lo!how fortunate is he who lives the present

1 comment:

princy said...

The persons who live in present is the most fortunate or the luckiest.........but its not possible by everyone...............