Thursday, February 26, 2009

To you my love

I only ask to see your face. To soothe my eyes and cool my sight. I don’t ask for more. Not from you at least. Whenever I see you, I sense peace. I feel my inner self and a glow from within. What is it with you, I don't know. You intrigue me. I know you can't be mine yet I seek you. I crave for your attention. I yearn for you.
To steal a glance of you, anything can be risked. No price would be too high to gain that privilege.
In you lie the spirits of warmth; the essence of calm. And the sea of tranquility does come to your shore. Shades of hue and crimson, you personify beauty in all dimension.
I don't want anything from you. I only ask of your majesty to let me onto you - through my senses, of sight and hearing, I want to discover joy, experience it and immerse in it. I want to be able, to conquer the pinnacles of gladness. I want for me to rest, in eternal gayness and life, after shying at you. I want for myself to attain this state.
That gait of yours, you flout it to perfection. In serenity you celebrate your smile. And radiance you spread with every step of your life. How many have you deprived - have you any clue? So many turned despondent - are you even aware? Not your fault, but you are the cause.
It is not I, as much as my eyes, who beseech you. Amidst crowds and amongst throngs of people- varied and diverse, he looks out for you. I don't know what spell, or charm, that you've cast. Your presence he feels even before the rays of light pave way for him. I and my eye, dance in resonance at your will and power, for their end and goal seems to have got hopelessly intertwined.
The air you carry the ground you cover and the wind you kiss - they are not only yours. They are as much mine as yours. You have no right over it nor any command. Your will, you may assert, but only to an extent, for I too caress the same wind and air. I too pace the same ground.
So what if you're not mine. I can hold you and sway you. Though unseen, you form a thousand shapes in my arm. And a day I will, in full daylight, carry you. Your body I shall feel against mine, your cheek, I shall wet and your hazel blue ocean, lying beneath those lovely curves, formed along that sleek and tender flesh of yours, will reflect me.
As you age my love, I shall wait and witness you glow to blossom in wholesome purity. I shall watch you fall every time you try to trod and every time you let your voice out, in dismay and pain, I will, to the best of me, try and shun your worry, and lift you into air, to let you experience the life that awaits you!!!


AJai said...

ah darling, finally you confess your love... why did u take so long? u know how long i been waiting?

issam said...

Well... what can i do... I got to meet my niece only now :P

-=A.R.N.=- said...

If I hadn't read that other comment I would have thought otherwise.

issam said...

Ohh brother... you know me enough already... Don't let a comment shape your opinion :D