Monday, May 10, 2010

Love - To You

On the enticed path of love, I set my foot
seeking the blessings of all, hoping to find the loot;
Dancing with fate and flirting with destiny, I seemed to do all right
in the beginning, when all that was on offer were pleasantries in light.

As I trotted on, I discovered a newer me, full of ideas not rife
The hidden desires, seeking the pleasures of life
all came to life, with a longing and yearning unseen before
I let it loose, to wander in coy, letting in sin with candor

My path I thought, I could see it unfold
Alas, only a fool I was being. For the path of love is not all of gold.
When the sun set and when the moon faded, I didn't know
Without me knowing, my spirits took me with it for a heavenly blow

I let my soul sink, in the ocean of elixir, or so I thought
But not long, before I realized the folly of it
In darkness you can't travel; directionless you cant proceed
helplessness came over me; I wanted to turn back and recede

The speed with which I came, the eagerness that prevailed
All of that gave way to emptiness, for I saw only darkness entwined
A state of confusion; an array of thoughts all seeming to overpower me
I though to myself - is this what I set for? losing my heart's lee?

Vicissitudes of life; just as seasons, thoughts change
A moment of bliss, another with sorrow making one lynch
learning and unlearning, life forces us to learn
The best of teachers, it sets us right and makes us sane

As the wheels of life turn, so does the rim gain strength
making us able to withstand all roads, dirty, muddy of varying depth
After all, what is a journey if there be no adventure
without any takeaway and lessons to capture

just as the flower, I withered; only to bloom again
with the rays of the sun, I woke up in pain
To face the new world with renewed vigor
full of energy, yet again ready to savor

For to be cowed down is not befitting of men
And what be life, if left unscathed; full of ken?
The sheath of life did leave me naked for a while
leaving me unarmored, to life's caprices, long as the Nile

Not long before I gathered myself and set foot again
To conquer love and to let not life be in vain
In earnest I made my prayers, to the creator of love
for the next time it darkens, I want to be with her to walk hand in glove


adnan said...

you wrote this ??.. really ??

V Rakesh said...

Wow! Brilliant write...... this is another side or rather facet of yours!

And, yes, love is one beautiful feeling..... so long as it lasts, enjoy it, savour it, relish it and most importantly, do all that you can to further it!

Issam said...

Somehow manged this :)

Thank you very much sir. Glad you liked it. will remember that - to do all that to further it :)

Lakshmi said...
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Lakshmi said...
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AJai said...

Great write. Like adu's astonished comment. Show it to him baby! :)

muks said...

bhai, gah paata!!! means amazing

Issam said...

we r yet to discover lover boy addu

Thank you ji :)

Achamma VP said...

Beautiful and lyrical! keep it coming!

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Issam,

This is really beautiful :)



Issam said...

Will do... The flow has just begun :P

Thank you :) Glad you liked it...