Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A New Beginning

After a long hiatus, I am back again! This time for sharing something very personal... :)
The winds of spring; blossoming of flowers; arrival of monsoons; the touch of rain; the feel of beauty! well.. all that and more. I suppose being in love is a little above words :P
I have never opened myself to the blogosphere; Many of you I don’t know personally. Yet many I know, rather very closely. But to open my innermost thoughts is something what I’ve never done before here. However this time the occasion is indeed special.. :)

It began some time ago. Like droplets dripping from my eyes, slowly clouding my vision, blurring my senses and taking me along untrodden paths, making me listen to unsung tunes, and wander like a meandering river about to open into the mouth of an ocean.
To start a new phase in life is exciting. The thought of joining two lives and making it one is beautiful. As I learn to crawl and steady myself on this new path, I am beginning to realize and see different things.
Beautiful indeed is the way of the creator; to have created all creations in pairs! To infuse so much of emotions and feelings within our hearts. With every beat, intensifying all of it, making it run red through our veins and letting it multiply with age!
Don’t intend to make this long. But its a beautiful feeling to be in this trance, if I may call it that.
I am sure all of you will experience it. And when you do, enjoy the moment! its a blessing! :)


A New Beginning said...

:) Congratulations tell us more about her....congrats once again!!Very happy for you !!!!

A New Beginning said...

sorry for spelling your name incorrectly!!:(
I turned Issam into Issma lolz!

V Rakesh said...

Many congratulations Issam. May this be the beginning of some of the finest things to come in your life!

V Rakesh said...

God bless you both!

Issam said...

Thank you so much. will definitely tell you more about it. I hope to see you on the day!! :)

Thank you sir. I'll say Amen to your prayers :) Will call you in person some time soon :)

Manoj said...

Nice One... and god bless you both....

AJai said...

He has become Issma now...;)

Ah... Issma is in love... how chweet! ;-)
The poet in Issma has come out thanks to this. I'm still not sure if that is a good thing or bad. :P

Kim said...

:)...i still cnt believe this is u...n all of this is for i've never been this happy for a "Friend" before...God bless u Issam! :)

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Wow...sweet post...congrats Issam! Its amazing to see someone express such a feeling. Makes some happy, others a little envious as well :)

Issam said...

@ Kim
thanks a lot for the wishes

Your turn will come as well!! :)

Fareed said...

good one. probably i should say it as 'a very inspirational' one. wishes and prayers for your married life.